How to Use the Marketing and Sales Funnel

September 26, 2018

There are a lot of ways to use the marketing and sales funnel.

In this video, I explained 3 basic metrics you can immediately associate with each stage of the funnel — TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU.

At each stage, there are appropriate strategies and metrics you need to look at. But always remember that the funnel should not be taken apart by itself.

Everything you do in digital marketing has to be related to one another. This separates organizations who haphazardly throw in campaigns just for the sake of it.

There has to be a holistic, underlying strategy across all your different campaigns. And the marketing and sales funnel is the foundation of it all.

For example, you create content (TOFU), not to increase your website visits. You create content so you can convert them into leads. You don’t create marketing offers just to generate more leads. You do that so you can nurture them and they eventually become your customers.

Every part of the funnel, every activity you do, should be linked to one another if you want to succeed in digital marketing.

Ariel Lim

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Ariel Lim

Ariel Lim is a Management Consultant that has helped more than a dozen companies across the globe increase their website traffic, generate leads, and increase revenues. Together, he works with small business owners formulate strategies, implement campaigns, and measure performance.

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