Segmentation: Behavioral

September 14, 2018

There are many ways to segment your contacts list (email list). One of them is behavioral. Find out what they are and how you can use them in your organization!

Behavioral segmentation is the best type of segmentation you can do with your email list.


Because it tells you exactly what people are doing on your site. And as they say, “past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.”

So, if people are buying product X or viewing your blog posts about email marketing compared to other products and other topics, then it’s highly likely that when you write more content about email marketing or use that product in your ads, it’ll perform better than your other campaigns.

Think about it. People often say one thing and do something else. That is why using explicit data (the ones you ask on your forms) should not be taken at face value. It’s a great way to start,m. But eventually, you have to move past that and rely on implicit data like behaviors.

Over the next few 1MMVs, I’ll go over 4 ways you can slice-and-dice your contacts. You can use this in email marketing, both ppc and social ads, and even for chatbots.

Ariel Lim

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Ariel Lim

Ariel Lim is a Management Consultant that has helped more than a dozen companies across the globe increase their website traffic, generate leads, and increase revenues. Together, he works with small business owners formulate strategies, implement campaigns, and measure performance.

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