How to Use Social Media Properly

In this video, I share how people use social media and how organizations use them. And there’s a HUGE disconnect.

Social media is one of the channels marketers often think they can use to bombard their customers. After all, it’s free. So why not use it to spread their sales and promos, right?

But really, if you think about it, is that really how people use social media? When you’re using Facebook or Instagram, do you enjoy seeing those ads?

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What Is a Website?

The first video in a new project I’m starting this year — 1-minute marketing videos.

This is the first video I made for the series. Took me a couple of hours to make this done because I had to think through how this will all look like 3-6 months from now. I ended up creating several templates that I can use.

I also didn’t use any special software here. I used Adobe Spark and everything is done using my iPhone.

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