Two Basic Filters You Should Add to Your Google Analytics Account

November 6, 2018

Are you using Google Analytics? If so, have you added filters in your account? If not, your reports could be highly inflated and lead to misleading results.

Google Analytics is only useful if your data is accurate. If you’re looking at inaccurate data, then you could make wrong decisions for your business.

In this video, i described two basic filters that your GA account should have.

Unfortunately, they have to be configured manually. Want to learn how to set it up? Let me know in the comments!

Ariel Lim

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Ariel Lim

Ariel Lim is a Management Consultant that has helped more than a dozen companies across the globe increase their website traffic, generate leads, and increase revenues. Together, he works with small business owners formulate strategies, implement campaigns, and measure performance.

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